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When the House Becomes an Anchor

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Rarely do people relish moving on from a house and a life they have built over time. However, life there might not be as fulfilling as it used to be when you were younger. Here are some signs that it may be time to make a change:

Taking care of your house is getting overwhelming. As people age, they eventually only have so much energy in a day. If you find most of that energy taken up with maintenance, cleaning, cooking, and home repair projects, it may be time to simplify.

Friends have moved away or you are not able to see them on a regular basis. This often happens gradually and people don’t realize how isolated their life has become.

You are no longer able to drive. Sometimes a health event impacts the ability to drive, or it creeps up slowly. In most cases, living in a house without the ability to drive means giving up a lot of independence.

You want to move closer to your kids, but don’t want to be dependent on them socially. Generally, your children run busy lives working and taking care of their kids. While they may relish getting to see you more, they probably can't see you every day. If you don’t have a social circle outside of family, it can be frustrating for everyone.

An Independent Living senior community can be a good option in these situations because they are designed for this time of your life. All maintenance is taken care of and they remove the need to co

ok for yourself. This frees you up to spend time on things you enjoy doing. By having your community right outside your door, you can see people every day if you choose. Meals also give you an easy excuse to catch up with friends. Transportation to stores, the library, doctor’s offices, and even the post office is provided. They also have weekly outings to keep things interesting.

Often, people believe that moving out of their house means giving up their independence. In reality, the house itself may be the biggest burden. Many seniors gain more freedom in Independent Living communities, and a better quality of life.

Penny Brandt-Roy helps clients find senior communities in the Metro Atlanta area. For more information on her free service, visit

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