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Meet Penny

Senior Living Advisor

I’ve been in your shoes…


My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease many years ago. He was able to function normally for a while, but eventually ended up in a lonely and dangerous situation because he didn’t really understand his options. And neither did I.


It took a united front from his whole extended family to convince him to move to senior living.   Once there, he thrived on the companionship of interesting people, the many choices of things to do, and the friendships he formed with the people who worked there. The scheduled outings gave him a freedom he didn’t have before and the food was a vast improvement on what he had been eating. A month after arriving, he told me he couldn’t understand why he fought the move.  


As the disease progressed over the years, I learned a lot about what was available for his condition at different stages. Since then, countless friends have asked my advice when it was time for their loved ones to make a change.  I now offer my services free of charge help others take the next step in this confusing landscape.

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