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They Won't Listen to You, But There is a Solution

I recently read an article that described strategies for convincing elderly loved ones to make the decision to move. It echoed my go-to strategy for years. Bring in someone from outside the immediate family.

When it was time for my mother to move to a community, a neighbor wrote her a letter saying she was worried about her. My mom realized the struggles she was trying to hide were not staying hidden. When she started to get nervous about the move, I would bring out that letter and remind her why she was making that change.

It's emotionally difficult to migrate from the parent-child relationship to more of a partnership. That will come with time, but find someone else to get the ball rolling on a move. A hair stylist, church figure, or even the person at the local sandwich shop have probably noticed something is off. Ask them to write an email or a letter describing their concerns. Once your parent hears the message from someone outside their family, it often starts to sink in. You would be surprised how much a quick note can accomplish.

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