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Is the Elderly Person in Your Life Eating Like a Humming Bird?

I recently saw an article citing studies that say having a little extra weight later in life can be better for your long term health. It makes sense because it gives extra padding for falls and provides something to draw on during illnesses.

This can be a big issue for seniors living alone. Many have a hard time motivating themselves to shop and cook. They often don't eat enough and what they eat is not terribly healthy.

My own father had started to lose weight before going to an assisted living community. Once he moved there, he gained the weight back quickly. In fact, we had to come to an agreement about skipping seconds on dessert. Otherwise he was going to need a whole new wardrobe.

Many of my clients cite concerns about their loved ones food as one of the reasons to encourage the move to a community. This is a valid concern and one to take very seriously.

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